We’ve integrated a set of Site Accelerator Programs into your Hosting Control Panel so you’re able to really easily optimize the online functionality of your web sites. You won’t need to update anything at all in the code or come up with special adjustments that need specialized knowledge from you. In the Hosting Control Panel, simply pick the tool you intend to use – Memcached, Node.js and Varnish and create an instance for it. It is all done with a mouse click. By speeding up your websites, you’ll not only prevent your clients from needing to wait around but can even make your web site climb high in search results.

You’ll find the Site Accelerator Programs inside the Advanced Resources area of the Hosting Control Panel.


RAM–saving rather than database calls

The Memcached tool is perfect for enhancing site streaming speeds by storing the data–base info that is requested by your website visitors. It’s an effective distributed memory caching system, which allows for information and objects to be memorized in the RAM as an alternative to being querried when an individual goes to a site.

This tool is perfect for your data–base–loaded web sites or web applications in which your users devote a lot of time searching and also checking out information. Memcached is found in the advanced resources part of the Hosting Control Panel.

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RAM–memorizing rather than HTTP calls

Utilizing the Varnish website accelerator tool integrated into CombatVetsWeb’s Hosting Control Panel, you may make your site webpages load quickly for your customers. All configuration settings are performed using a simple to use interface, without needing to create any immediate modifications to the backend code of the web site.

Varnish is an HTTP acceleration application that can help all web pages work more quickly by caching them inside the server’s RAM. That way, after a web page has already been opened up by a customer once, it will not have to be brought by the hosting server any longer, which reduces website speeds and then boosts your web pages. It has been calculated that Varnish often enhances website load times with a 300 – 1000x factor.

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Build adaptable applications with no trouble

Node.js delivers an advanced development platform for developing scalable apps and websites in a record breaking speed. It may be used for just about anything – from coping with API calls, streaming files and parsing emails to converting pictures, music files, videos and office docs.

It is powered by the Google V8 JavaScript engine and additionally employs an event–driven, non–blocking I/O pattern that makes it compact and reliable. In addition, Node.js has a significant supporting community that makes steady updates to the platform and is also at all times capable to aid.

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